Tuesday, June 26, 2007

College World Series

Congratulations to the Beavers, who seem to have the Tar Heels' number in the College World Series, after defeating them for the second year in a row.

You have to give OSU credit, but in general, the idea of a best 2 of 3 series as being determinative as to who is superior between two baseball teams seems statistically suspicious. I will have to check but I am willing to bet that the Tar Heels are still ahead in the power ratings. Unlike a single boxing or American football match, baseball prowess probably necessitates a series of at least 9 games.

This is a big issue for me in major league baseball, as I believe that MLB has sold out the importance of the regular season to boost attendance through the "phony" wildcard races, which involve teams that have not even played comparable schedules.

I would like to see them go back to the way it was in 1968, when the best team from each league made it to the World Series. When was the last time that that happened? Probably, when the Braves and Yankees played a few years back, but it is becoming less and less common. Last year was just a joke, with St. Louis, a team that barely had a winning record winning the series.

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