Friday, May 18, 2007

Israel and the Evangelicals

Israel is a light in the Middle East and has generally been a country that the United States has had very close relations with. Nevertheless, during the past 30 years or so, many in the evangelical community have put forth a notion that the United States must do anything to preserve and even, increase Israel's borders, lest we incur the wrath of God.

While there are certainly very good reasons that the United States should continue to support and work closely with Israel, mis-interpretation of the Bible is certainly not one of them. Indeed, a careful reading of the New Testament indicates that the Body of Christ are the chosen people, which is a designation not based on religion or ethnicity or geography.

Mormons and White Evangelicals Love War

I guess the old precept of "being in the world, but not of it," has been forgotten by Mormons and White Evangelicals. Certainly, part of the problem is because of the Book of Revelation, with which these endtimes types seem to be obsessed. Martin Luther had little faith that Revelation even belonged in the Bible, but unfortunately, there it is, diverting attention away from the important books of the Bible, like Romans and Corinthians, and leading many to sit and wait for Christ to return and kill all of their enemies....

Alberto and George

This is certainly the most incompetent administration that I have seen in my lifetime. This goes to show that all of the moronic Republicans who said that intelligence was not necessary for a president were simply out of their gourds. George Bush makes Jimmy Carter seem like George Washington. It is difficult to see how this current administration can achieve anything during its last year and a half. They will have their hands full just staying out of jail. It is unfortunate that Tony Snow is willing to let himself be dragged down into all of this mess.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Alberto Gonazles and Greg Newton

It really surprises me when Democrats and some Republicans criticize our Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales. I think that he is exactly the sort of attorney general that Americans deserve. Americans no longer abide by International Law or even by the Rule of Law internally, and Alberto Gonzales is the perfect type of legal mind for people of that mindset.

It reminds me a bit of a statement by Wake Forest All American Tim Duncan a few years back when a journeyman player from Duke named Greg Newton, called Duncan, soft and passive. When asked by the media for a reaction, Duncan responded that the journeyman Newton was the greatest player he had ever seen.

Alberto Gonzales is the most brilliant lawyer I have ever seen.

The Case for Unions

Conservatives and libertarians often deride unions unfairly. While most people would agree that there have been many problems with the way that unionism has played out in North America and Europe, at the same time, unions can play a beneficial role by confronting oppressive government policies with a membership of millions united. This can be especially important when dealing with authoritarian governments, as shown by Lech Walensa.

Well, into the same as it ever was category, the U.S., under Paul Bremer, attempted to continue Sadaam's policy of banning unionization among oil workers. I guess the rationale was, "hey, you guys are free now, you don't need any stinking union." Let's face it. The real reason why business-owners, conservatives and authoritarian governments dislike unions is because it cuts into profits. When unions such as state bar associations or medical associations are created and act in the same manner in terms of restricting output, few voices are heard decrying this type of monopolization.

Time to Get out?

"A comprehensive Iraqi survey has been conducted annually by ABC News, USA Today, the British Broadcasting Corp. and ARD (the German public broadcasters association) over the last three years. Its findings illuminate the most important trends in Iraqi politics. They show that, by March 2007, no less than 78 percent of Iraqis opposed the presence of U.S. forces, compared with 65 percent in November 2005 and 51 percent in February 2004. In the latter year, only 17 percent of the population thought that violence against U.S. forces was acceptable, while by 2007 the figure had risen to 51 percent."

Do They Hate Us for Our Freedoms?

I have never believed the Administration's line about the Arabs hating us for our freedoms. There are two major reasons why many Arabs hate America: 1) they resent having our troops stationed near Muslim holy areas and 2) they resent what they perceive as American unfairness regarding the Holy Land.

There may or may not be good reasons for the two above policies, but first, Americans need to recognize why our country is so disliked by muslims, rather than accepting the silly neo-conservative argument that "they hate us for our freedoms," as we decide whether giving up so much of the few freedoms that we have left is worth the cost.