Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bill Maher and Vinyl

Bill Maher got himself into some hot water with audio enthusiasts on his show last week by poking fun at their love of vinyl LP's. I actually thought that his bit was hilarious. It started with him saying, "stop telling me vinyl sounds warmer," and ended with him admitting that many of his records ended up being scratched by errant tosses of water pipes.

Nevertheless, vinyl LP's in good condition with a decent player, do sound at least as good as CD's, although they may be more trouble to care for. You do get the amazing album art, which was something that the Beatles especially were known for. I have ended up buying the Beatles about 3 times over, on record, then cassettes and then on CD, (so take that RIAA) but all things being equal, you really want their music on vinyl for the great album covers.

Here is my definitive top ten list of Beatles Studio Albums:

1. Rubber Soul
2. Sgt. Pepper's
3. Abbey Road
4. The White Album
5. Revolver
6. Help
7. A Hard Day's Night
8. With the Beatles
9. Let it Be
10. Beatles for Sale
11. Please Please Me

Top Five List of Solo Beatles' Albums :

1. All Things Must Pass--George Harrison
2. John Lennon--Plastic Ono Band
3. Band on the Run--Paul McCartney and Wings
4. Imagine--John Lennon
5. Venus and Mars--Paul McCartney and Wings

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