Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Case for Unions

Conservatives and libertarians often deride unions unfairly. While most people would agree that there have been many problems with the way that unionism has played out in North America and Europe, at the same time, unions can play a beneficial role by confronting oppressive government policies with a membership of millions united. This can be especially important when dealing with authoritarian governments, as shown by Lech Walensa.

Well, into the same as it ever was category, the U.S., under Paul Bremer, attempted to continue Sadaam's policy of banning unionization among oil workers. I guess the rationale was, "hey, you guys are free now, you don't need any stinking union." Let's face it. The real reason why business-owners, conservatives and authoritarian governments dislike unions is because it cuts into profits. When unions such as state bar associations or medical associations are created and act in the same manner in terms of restricting output, few voices are heard decrying this type of monopolization.


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