Friday, December 7, 2007

Mormon Romney

Jack Tapper makes an excellent point here about GOP candidate George Romney's "freedom of religion" speech and how Romney is missing the point:

"His stupid unease on this point is shown by his demagogic attack on the straw man "religion of secularism," when, actually, his main and most cynical critic is a moon-faced true believer and anti-Darwin pulpit-puncher from Arkansas who doesn't seem to know the difference between being born again and born yesterday."

Indeed, it is the secularists who have generally been willing to ignore people's religion as candidates as long as they don't make religion part of the race, as opposed to the issues. What people like Romney want to do is bash non-believers and secularists, while all the while saying "don't you dare try to bring my religion into this. Unfair!"

Unless I no longer understand evangelicals, they will never, ever support a Mormon. Not only do they consider Mormonism a cult, the Mormons are just a little to successful at converting both heathen and other Christians to the point of being considered competition, not to mention that the New Jerusalem is in Israel and not Missouri, in their estimation.

Romney has had it. But on the positive side, at least he wasn't brainwashed like his dad.


Anonymous said...

What Romney did with his so-called “religion speech” the other day was try to get ahead of the curve. And he’s actually been quite successful. Mostly due to the fact that he pays image agencies millions to feed the media the angle that his campaign wants to present.

In doing so, they’ve done a marvelous job blowing smoke. And they’ve angled it so that “conventional Christians” are made to seem like bigots for not accepting that Romney is a “real Christian.”

This is a beautiful deflection. But what is it a deflection from? It’s a deflection from Mormon doctrine, which says that THEY are the only true Christians! Joe Smith taught that all Christianity as presented thus far has been wrong. He rewrote whole sections of the Bible, and introduced an entirely different doctrine. And filled in the details with a story of how Jews escaped to the New World in 580 BC. And began to create warring kingdoms in America. God then cursed the “bad” group of Jews by giving them dark skin, and they are the American Indians.

Yes my friends, you heard that right! Mormons believe that American Indians are “cursed Jews.” Literally not one single piece of archeological evidence has ever surfaced that any of the kingdoms ever existed. Not a single stone from a single building. Nothing.

But Mormonism teaches that this is the REAL Christianity! Mormons refer to all non-Mormons as “gentiles,” and consider them spiritual heathens.

So it’s actually Romney that must answer whether HE thinks Huckabee is a “real Christian,” not the other way around.

But Romney’s multi-million dollar PR machine has turned the whole thing on it’s ear.

William O. Douglas Loeffler said...

I believe that it is incontrovertible that the differences between the doctrines of the LDS and the three main branches of Christianity (Protestant, Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic) are far larger that those between the three main branches.

The differences are also far greater than those between the Jehovah's Witnesses or 7th Day Adventists, both of whom can more legitimately claim to be "Christian."

We also have the irony of the followers of Brigham Young who set themselves apart and made the trek to Utah, now desperately saying, "wait, we aren't that different. We want back in the club."

While Romney did get some kudos for his speech, he also has received merited criticism for basically painting a society where the non-religious have little or no place or merit.

Religiosity is not a requirement for liberal democracy. Sweden, France and Holland all make this quite clear.