Monday, October 29, 2007

Being a Good Parent

A wise man was once asked by a group of people what the key to being a good parent was. Hoping to lead them to the answer rather than simply provide it himself, he turned the question back onto his followers, asking them what makes one a good parent.

The answers came.

One person stated that providing health, material comfort and religion made for a good parent.

Another stated that inculcating knowledge, wisdom and the arts makes one a good parent.

A third stated that "being there" for your children is what really makes you a good parent.

The wise man laughed and said, "good answers, all, well, maybe not the one about being there, but when all is said and done there is one true measure of a parent's success in raising children."

At this, the entire group leaned forward to hear the erudite prophet gracefully impart the knowledge that millions had clamored to know since the beginning of homo sapiens, how to be a good parent.

Spake the wise man:

"See if you can't fuck them up just a little less than your parents fucked you up.

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