Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Hillary and the GOP

As much as I dislike Hillary Clinton and do not want her to be President, part of me is secretly hoping she wins because she drives the base of the GOP nuts. It really would be sweet to see her win just to have it rubbed in all of their faces.

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Marshall said...

Actually Hillary winning the nomination next winter would probably be the unifying theme for the Republicans going into the general election. Even social conservatives intially supported Rudy in his short-lived 2000 Senate cadidacy against her, so that scenario would likely play out again. Ironically, she is probably closer to many Republican positions than the rest of the Democratic field and I wouldn't expect her to be any more palatable to the Left than was her husband. She could well triangulate herself into the presidency if the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy can't gin itself up for the alternative, whoever that may be.