Wednesday, July 11, 2007

GOP in Big Trouble

Barring some type of cataclysmic change in U.S. politics, the Republicans have little or no chance of winning the presidency in 2008. With the exception of Obama, the Democratic candidates' negatives are well known and they still are leading easily over the Republicans. Once the average American learns that Giuliani is a serial-adulterer whose children will not speak to him, I expect him to plunge in the polls.

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Marshall said...

Unless Thompson can seal the deal as the conservative in the race, Romney will likely take Iowa and New Hampshire. McCain looks like he might not be in the race much longer and Rudy is now under assault by some firefighters (who have admittedly endorsed Democrats of late) for not properly handling the radio problem of the NYFD prior to 9/11. As support for the war unravels in Congress, it'll be interesting to see how much play Ron Paul gets. Of course his fame thus far has centered around his anti-war stance rather than his libertarian viewpoint, which clearly would be controversial amongst his erstwhile allies in the anti-war movement. But the effect might be to force other candidates to moderate their militant stances.