Sunday, June 3, 2007

Soprano's Penultimate Episode

Questionable ethics in the psychiatric profession. It looks like Tony is going out a la Scarface or Butch and Sundance. Something is going on with Parisi. Maybe he is orchestrating the whole thing for revenge?

Right now, what I have said about the irony of the ending is looking on target: the Soprano's were always a second-rate outfit who became magnified in the viewer's eye because they were the focus of the show.... Tony, apparently doesn't even have an alarm system, much less any bodyguards to speak of and he doesn't seem to have much money to speak of, a far cry from the Corleone's owning the Vatican in GF III....

One thing seems sure: Tony is out of guys. He could probably use Richie, and Big P, and Patsy's twin and Furio and "ol bowling ball head" right now. Unless he can get help from Carmine or from his female boss friend over in Italy, I don't see anybody who can strike back. Paulie and Patsy? Maybe, but I am not sure that Patsy is not getting his revenge. Maybe he will end up on top and Meadow will still be the Italian American Princess by virtue of marriage. Something is going on with that, how she all of sudden ends up with Parisi's son, whose father has been sort of a minor character until now. So far this year, members of the Soprano family who have killed have bought the farm, Bobby, Christopher and Sil, apparently. Tony has not killed anybody directly to my recollection, this year.

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