Thursday, May 24, 2007


There are two episodes to go. Christopher has left us, to join Adriana in the great beyond. Who else is going to die?

Meadow is the only innocent Soprano, so either she will survive because of that, or if they go for the meaningless of life approach, she will buy the farm and the others will survive.

There is talk of a Sopranos movie, so I would be surprised if Gandolfini gets offed, but maybe he gets killed and AJ takes over, a la The Godfather.

Silvio could carry a spin-off if they ever wanted to do that and he is generally portrayed sympathetically, so I doubt he dies. AJ would need him as consigliere.

Carmela is worse than Tony. I say off her.

Bobby is sort of good, so he will survive, but Janice will leave him to market Christian contemporary music with her former born-again narcoleptic boyfriend and her son, Harpo. Leotardo will definitely die, unless they are thinking of a movie.

I think Paulie Walnuts will die. Junior will live but still be stuck in the asylum.

I mean it is kind of funny, because who thinks of the Jersey mob being able to take on one of the Five Families, although the New York mob families aren't what they used to be. It would be an interesting twist to see the entire Soprano crime family rubbed out, to let us know that we have spent 9 years and 7? seasons watching minor league gangsters. (What mob boss bets the standard spread? I thought that was just for dirty cops).

I know I am hedging my bets but I am still hoping for either a movie or a spin-off.

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