Sunday, May 6, 2007

Drug War

Will Republicans and Democrats ever wake up and realize that the war on drugs is in actuality a war on people, most of them black and hispanic. In spite of the most draconian penality scheme this side of Indonesia, the drugs just keep pouring in and the only response that any of our brilliant people in Washington have is to up the penalties even more, and put Sudafed behind the counter. If they ever re-make Midnight Express, they are likely to use the United States as the locale, given that our current drug war policies make Turkey look lenient.

Really, the only hope is for the unheard voices of the American people to stand up and say to the mediocre politicians who run this country for their own benefit rather than ours, "Listen, we've upped our standards, so up yours.

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Fivefor said...

When will they wake up and realize it is an unpredented power grab by the federal government. They claim support for smaller government* (*=war on drugs; internet gaming, war on pornography, this list grows). They have become no better than the Democrats in their calls for expanded government albiet in other areas.