Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Spider-man 3

With all the bad news out there, from Iraq to Blacksburg, it is good to know that at least one true American hero is getting ready to hit the silver screen again and take our minds off current events. On May 3, the third edition of Spider-man will be out and judging by the trailers, Spider-man 3 should be just as good as the first two, which were both spectacular.

Marvel has generally done a better job than DC at translating their heroes to film and this is probably due to their general adherence to utilize already proven popular plots from the underlying comic books. For some reason, DC generally tries to work up new scripts, which are rarely going to be as good as a popular story arc taken from the comic book's past.

In Spider-man 3, Marvel again follows this key to success by incorporating one of the most famous storylines from the comic book: the Venom saga, together with one of the more famous Spider-man villains, the Sandman. Best of all, and what kids and comic book fans are going to really love, is that Spider-man 3 shows Spidey wearing his infamous black costume. I don't want to give anything away, but the black costume is really cool and all my sons can talk about is Spider-man's black costume and the effects that it has on his crimefighting. It should be fantastic, especially for anyone able to see it on an Imax screen.


Fivefor said...

Love the blog and insight but must correct one point -- I believe Spidey 3 comes out on May 4th!

William O. Douglas Loeffler said...

I have seen both dates mentioned, so I wonder if maybe they are doing one of those midnight openings that they sometimes do or maybe it has to do with the movie opening earlier somewhere else in the world. I probably won't go for a few days to let the crowds die down a little anyway.